About Spanish House Oliva

Hello, my name is Wendy Noble.



I came to Oliva in 2007 from Holland. I fell upon my lovely Old Town House in Oliva online, purely by accident.

From that moment on, Oliva had me hooked. I am a well-travelled lady, independent and strong, but Oliva got into my soul.  

They call it the garden of Spain, with its breathtaking mountains, glorious seas and beaches, fruit and vegetables in abundance, true happiness had finally found me.

The reason I set up an Estate Agency in Oliva was to help other people also find their dream.

Prices in Oliva for housing are very reasonable, but that's not all Oliva and the La Safor region has to offer:


  • In the Old Town, there are lots of unique houses for sale, each property is different, (great little getaway homes) and you can live in a historical area where you can enjoy all the Fiesta’s, processions and general fun and frivolity of the Old Town.
  • There are two magnificent churches, with San Roque being the 5th most important church in Spain, and Santa Maria, the villages Easter Procession departure point.
  • Sant Ana Castle, perched high on the mountain above Oliva has incredible panoramic views that spread some 70 kilometres from Cullera to Denia.
  • You are within walking distance of all shops, restaurants, bars, theatre/cinema.
  • You do not need a car in Oliva, and the beach is a short bus trip away from the town to the Costa Blanca. 
  • Oliva is very proud of its beautiful 10 km stretch of coastline, split into six different zones all featuring a unique experience, windsurfing and horse riding, canoeing and dog walking, sailing and stand up paddleboarding. 
  • Would you like to live close to the beach? We have some gorgeous villa’s in the Orange Groves just a 50-metre walk from the Mediterranean Sea.   


There are many adventures to be had in and around the surrounding area of Oliva, inland the mountain regions are pure joy with magnificent views, mountain air, spring water and civilisation on your doorstep.  We have some lovely villas with gardens and pools in the Safor Region of Valencia. A beautiful unspoilt region of Spain that is well worth discovering.  Or maybe you need a small bolt hole in Oliva or the surrounding areas that you can use as an investment by renting through Airbnb or other online platforms then you have the flexibility for income and enjoyment with your family when you need it. We have apartments, bungalows and fincas for sale. 


We are here to help you with all aspects of house purchases. No project is too small, and we are dedicated to helping you through the whole process for as long as you need us.

We hope to inspire you to broaden your horizons and look to Spain for a change of life and even to start a whole new chapter, learn the language and really get involved in the Spanish Culture. There is a lot to discover!

Spanish-House-Oliva is the start of your new journey. Come and see us at our offices off the Paseo, Oliva and we can make your dreams come true.

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